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Hey there, welcome to my blog!  I am a proud wife to a Marine and former naturopathic medical student (on my way to a conventional medical program) with a blossoming passion in functional medicine, integrative pain management, environmental medicine, nutritional medicine, and overall holistic wellness.  I live life by my own design: a life of freedom, self-love, and nourishing self-care practices.

I am an advocate for naturopathic medicine access to veterans, integrative chronic pain management, ethical environmental, animal, food practices, GMO-labeling, meningitis awareness, and the incredible power of positivity.  I write about wellness strategies, stress management, DIY projects, and more.  I share my healthy recipes and positive messages to promote vitality and personal empowerment.  I share my story in hopes to inspire others along their journey.  Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

Cheers to a healthier, stronger you!

xo, G

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  1. Hi GiGi, I have not seen anything lately on here from you. I wanted to wish you and Josh a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Missing your posts, and you all,

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