It’s Okay to be Brave and Scared at the Same Time

Happy Monday! Today is February 9th.  It’s almost three weeks before I relocate to Arizona, and despite medical school being my greatest life dream, I have felt an enormous amount of fear and worry.

Fear is self-constructed.  We can create it, and we can destroy it.  I also realize that worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything.  All it does is steal your joy and keeps you very busy doing nothing.  Yet, our own fear and worry can paralyze our decisions, and ultimately, our happiness.

As a born and raised Jersey girl living in the sweet south, I have experienced this type of fear and worry about leaving the New Jersey familiarity  and comfort.  In fact, my fear was so profound, that I almost completely backed out of the relocation.  I challenged my intense fears by bargaining with myself–I promised myself that if North Carolina was not for me, I could always go back home to New Jersey.

By challenging my fears and taking a leap of faith, I was able holistically transform, discover naturopathic medicine, and meet amazing and unforgettable individuals who have helped me grow and flourish.  These wonderful opportunities and experiences surpassed my expectations for what life would be like in North Carolina, a beautiful surprise, indeed.

Saying goodbye is incredibly hard, but asking myself “what if…?” is spiritual death.  Sometimes our only available transportation is a leap of faith.

Faith and fear oppose each other.  Fear is lacking in faith and vice versa.  Tolerating fear will contaminate my faith.  It’s okay to be brave and scared at the same time.  I firmly believe strength and faith can be summoned from fear.  Today, I choose to make my faith stronger than my fears.  I choose to chase my dreams, my goals, and my spiritual calling in naturopathic medicine. I choose to live in the light, flourish in every single moment, and seize every opportunity to smile and laugh.

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard…


3 thoughts on “It’s Okay to be Brave and Scared at the Same Time

  1. Honey, I am very proud of you! I left my country when I was 21 years young taking a leap of faith too! I survived and better yet I made it! I know you will succeed! 🙂

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  2. Wow.
    I am amazed at your thought process throughout all your transitions! It truly makes me feel more open and excited about my own future endeavors. Without your guidance throughout my life, I dont know where I would be. You are such an amazing person and I cannot wait to read more about your journey, struggles, successes and aspirations! Keep up the good work!

    I love you always.

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