We were made to thrive

Happy Wednesday!  Today has been a beautiful day full of sunny blue skies.  This pleasant blend of aesthetic sensory sparked a desire to write about my passion for wellness.  I am having so much fun with my blog. Here I go!

The latin root of the word “doctor” is “docēre” which means “to teach.”

Teaching is a critical component missing from our healthcare model.  A vast majority of allopathic physicians are not trained in nutrition.  Instead, allopathic medical schools place a heavy emphasis on pharmacology.

This pharmaceutical approach does not offer a true cure to origin of illness.  Instead, pharmaceutical drugs suppress symptoms; it is essentially a crappy band-aid.  Everything is fixed or “cured” with a pill.

A pill for each ill, and even a pill for side effects from another pill.  Pills upon pills–there is a pill for everything: cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, sleep, energy, depression, anxiety, and many more health issues.  Likewise, medical practices financially prosper by maintaining sickness and high ticket procedures such as artery bypass surgeries.

What if our doctors taught us how to live well, so we wouldn’t be dependent on drugs or other expensive therapies?  What if our healthcare system was about the enhancement of our health and the bolstering of our systems, so we could actually THRIVE in this world?  What if we lived with vitality and a greater zest for life and embrace all aspects of what it means to be human?

The average American sits 9.3 hours a day and sleeps 7.3 hours per day–that’s a lot of not moving!  Movement is life and life is movement.  Likewise, food is meant to be medicine and the most healing medicine is food.

Most Americans are addicted to caffeine and other stimulants.  It’s like we need to borrow energy from tomorrow to get through today.  How crazy is that?

On a basic level, many people are unable to live the life they want due to their lack of energy.  Our body has daily energy needs.  Where we get our energy and nutritional resources will determine our state of health.

If we extract optimal nutrition from our foods, get enough oxygen, exercise, rest and recover when we need to–then we have a properly functioning system that takes care of itself and helps stave off disease.

As a result, the body will work the way it was designed to–we will feel alive and robust, as we were designed to feel.  We can enjoy an optimized lifestyle through nurturing self-care practices and stress management skills.

Let us reconnect with ourselves and become our own advocates and take our health back in our own hands.  Rather than being reactive, let us be proactive.  That is true healthcare. Our bodies were meant for movement–move in a way that sings to your soul.

We were made to THRIVE.  May we live well, full of harmony and holistic energy.  May we always nourish to flourish.

The greatest wealth is health.


3 thoughts on “We were made to thrive

  1. I am so happy, enlightened, and inspried by your blog that I will look forward to each and every post. My life has been enriched by having the enjoyment of spending time talking with you and now that you have this blog your progress and growth can be shared by those that can gain from your insight and love you.
    Bob H


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