Eleutheromania: An Intense & Irresistable Desire For Freedom

Hello all!

Happy soon-to-be snow day, NC!  It may be my last snow day for a long time.  Good riddance, ice cold temperatures!  I am super excited to experience 80 degree sunshine.  I can’t wait to feel the daily sunshine and warmth.  I miss summer weather so much; I can’t wait to experience warmer weather year-round.  Yes, bring on the Arizona summers!

During my packing and organizing for my big move next week, I found another poem, written shortly after I started my journey with my treatment team, spring of 2008. It is has been such a long time since I browsed through my recovery journals. My mindset was so different, I have changed in many ways.  It is motivating to reflect on this personal evolution and positive growth.  Moving onward and upward…

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” -Brene Brown


freedom is living fully
breathing deeply
stepping into the unknownn
freedom is the unplanned,
not the planner
freedom is not fat-free
it is joy, happiness, abundance
freedom is self-love
freedom embraces today
it conquers fear
freedom has no boundaries,
no limits,
no expectations
freedom is red, white, and blue
freedom soars high and proud
freedom is open to change,
an open book, an open mind
it is pure love
freedom gets up and goes,
whenever, wherever
freedom is not knowing the time
freedom twinkles in the stars,
it is courage and persistence
freedom promises life for me,

my chains

are gone.


One thought on “Eleutheromania: An Intense & Irresistable Desire For Freedom

  1. I can only hope that the author of this poem will continue to give us more of her thoughts and inspiration…this is OUTSTANDING stuff. I am not a religious person however, I have been Blessed to have known and talked with her!!!

    Bob H.


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