The Journey Within – Fruition to Health

Hello, and happy Wednesday!

I would like to give you a big thank you for taking the time to read my blog!  One of the most valuable things you can give someone is your attention and time.

In a world filled with distractions, undivided attention has become even more valuable.  So, THANK YOU!  I truly appreciate your attention and support to my blog.  Thank you for sharing your valuable time with me. 🙂

Today I am sharing another academic reflective writing assignment, perhaps my favorite writing thus far.  We were instructed to answer and reflect the simple question:

How healthy am I?

The Journey Within – Fruition to Health

As I reflect on my state of health, I recognize that my health is multidimensional; Progress is not linear. In the last decade, I have slowly achieved a greater sense of wellness and clarity. My goals have and continue to evolve on a daily basis. Today, I perceive myself to be in good health. Yet, my state of health was vastly different during the majority of my teenage years and late 20s. Allow me to share…

Life is the greatest journey; I feel blessed to be able to experience it every single day. I currently perceive my wellness goals as simple checkpoints along this epic journey of life. These wellness goals, or checkpoints, swiftly adapt to the evolving “road of life”—which can be bumpy and turbulent.

I celebrate milestones; I am in love with the rewarding journey of personal growth–the process of self-cultivation, becoming a physician, a better Gigi.

In this new season of my life, I celebrate the milestones of becoming a physician. It is all too common for medical students to become so focused on passing board exams, graduating, and moving onto life as a practicing physician. I feel that this perspective sucks the beauty out of such a unique journey.

The road to becoming a physician is a tough road, not for the faint of heart (literally). For me, the journey of becoming a physician is a road to be honored and cherished.

Many people never come close to experiencing such a special process. That alone, makes the journey that much more exciting. Becoming a physician is not a process common to all in the world. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Once medical degrees are conferred, the medical school experience and journey will be gone forever. Consequently, a new season of clinical practice will be on the horizon.

I believe the journey to medical school should be embraced, relished, absorbed to every possible capacity. This unique process harvests much personal, academic, and professional growth, challenge, strength. I also believe this applies to the journey of life.

For years, I struggled with the Destination Happiness mindset. The Destination Happiness mentality locks people into a mental focus of seeking happiness from the outside world through acquisition, which prevents them from being blissful with the current moment.

We often forget that happiness is achievable right here, right now. This concept is not encouraged by advertising in our American culture. There is always some hot technology gadget or beauty product that you must have. And when you obtain it, you will be happier, better, prettier, smarter for it.

It is a dangerously toxic cocktail that can leave people feeling inadequate, looking for happiness in all the wrong places. It can cause a lot of financial debt, and perpetuate various addictions and disease.

This warped concept causes a huge lack of fulfillment. Yet, it is simpler than we make it out to be—joyful fulfillment can be harvest immediately from our mind.

If you find yourself locked in the Destination Happiness mindset, I challenge you to look within. You may surprise yourself by what you discover.

For many years, I mentally tortured myself with the disordered cognition that, a certain number on the scale, my weight, or body size would provide me an abundance of happiness and mental peace. I was a slave to the scale; I adopted severely detrimental practices to my body, mind, and spirit.

The worst part was that when that certain number was achieved, my mind automatically recalibrated to a lower number, yet another Destination Happiness.

At the time, I thought I was in the pursuit of happiness and peace, yet I was trapped in an isolated prison I created for myself. I locked myself inside a dark prison cell, but instead of throwing away the key, I swallowed it. The key was in my control, inside of me, but impossible to obtain in order to open the prison door so that I could experience true freedom.

Today, I do not get caught up on “Destination Happiness.” With the help of God and years of past work with professionals, I enjoy a true life of freedom. I actively work on my wellness goals, embracing the milestones.

My self-care practices have become a non-negotiable piece of my life. I focus on my energy on the positive thoughts, beliefs, people, and behaviors. Intention is not a passive process. It requires commitment and dedication.

Intention (positively or negatively) affects our consciousness, which harvests our reality–our experience of life.

I strive to live a life that does not remove or put excessive strain on my self-care practices. When my self-care practices become compromised, I reevaluate my environment and modify in a way that best suits my health. The conscious process of (mentally, emotionally, physically) stopping, checking, and reassessing the stressors in my life, has become a critical skill that I continue to develop. It is important to note that this important self-care practice did not come to fruition overnight. There was no “ah-ha!” moment for me, just a lot of baby steps, along filled with trial and error.

The process of writing about my healing is cathartic and therapeutic. This writing allows me to consciously reflect and process the physical, mental, emotional, physical damage.

For me, my blog writing nurtures the delicate healing process. The most challenging aspect of healing has been: letting go, forgiving others, and forgiving myself. Every day, God gives me another chance to be a better individual than the prior day. For that, I am grateful and happy.

At times, I mentally stop and think—who was I? Who am I now? Who will I be? My past, present and future self are uniquely different, in a positive way. This hindsight and foresight reflection is encouraging and uplifting.

I perceive my old self to be a foreign entity, not the Gigi I project to the mirror every morning. Yet, this foreign entity molded me into the resilient individual I am today. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my story.

My story, once frightening to openly discuss, is now very liberating—it symbolically exemplifies the amazing freedom I experience on a daily basis. My testimony allows me to be real with others. My testimony has harvested some very meaningful and special connections with individuals throughout the country. It has enriched my experience of life.

My motto is “nourish to flourish”—nourish the mind, body, and spirit. This evolving mind shift change has been so gradual, filled with gentle, doable baby steps. (Realistic, doable baby steps have been prevailing theme in my blog writings. I cannot emphasize on this concept enough.) Yet, the change is radically different when comparing opposite ends of the spectrum.

I am able to look behind me and realize: I approached a miniature molehill at the start of my wellness journey, yet I now stand on a magnificent mountain.

Today, I believe I am well. I identify as a healthy person, with a nourished mind, body, spirit.

Of course, there is much room for improvement in all areas of my life. That’s the beauty of being a flawed human.

Every sunrise gives me the opportunity to be a better, kinder, stronger, wiser individual than the prior day. Day by day, I continue to create evolving and diverse wellness goals, as I create my colorful future on a blank slate. I am truly enjoying the beautiful process of molding into a physician—every sweet minute of it.

I hope this thought plants a seed for you. May this thought cultivate and harvest a joyful life for you:

Don’t live your life in your circumstances. Live life in your vision.

As always, wishing you a life of abundance and vitality. Cheers! ❤

xo, G

ps. I teach my first cycle class at the YMCA tonight–so pumped!
Keep moving, keep smiling. 🙂


One thought on “The Journey Within – Fruition to Health

  1. G,

    You have grown into an amazing person! Constantly developing and growing; I am so proud of you. You truly embrace the “nourish to flourish ” mentality and will definitely help others see the blank slates they have every day!

    All I can say to you is GO and paint the world a new! You are your life’s only artist, so be creative and have fun!

    I love you.

    Liked by 1 person

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