A Labor of Love

Happy Tuesday!  For my philosophy course, we were asked to reflect on what green exercise feels like to us.  Allow me to share my reflection. 🙂

To me, physical movement feels like my soul is dancing. Exercise is an art, an expression of physical form, endurance and capacity. Exercise preference is unique to everyone–I once heard that we all have a “soul mate exercise.” This was in response to the idea that many people do not enjoy exercise and view it as drudgery or torturous monotony. This idea resonated with me. Whether we are aware or not, we all have a “soul mate movement” that sings to our soul.

My soul mate movement involves green exercise such as running, indoor/outdoor cycling, swimming, as well as weight lifting, body weight workouts, Zumba dance workouts, the list goes on. In these liberating movements, I feel as though I am free as a bird. It is an evolutionary process where I discover new aspects of my body.

I discover new territories within my own imaginary limitations. Likewise, I become more aware of my perceived limitations. I consequently strive to crush the barriers I created in my own mind. My workouts motivate me to expand my potential, expand my vision. I develop new beliefs of self-competency.

In these reflective moments of sweat, my world becomes expanded, liberated. I feel at one with the universe when I am outdoors, running in the sun, feeling the breeze on my skin, feeling the sweat on my body, and drinking water with the most ancient elements of the universe, hydrogen and oxygen.

Through my green exercise movements, I cultivate further confidence, courage, faith, tenacity, focus, strength, empowerment. One step at a time, I cultivate the patience needed to respect and honor the steady, slow blossoming of my own personal evolution.

It is an intimate process of becoming, despite the setbacks, the challenges, the heartbreaks, the defeats.   My daily physical movements generate personal, determined diligence–a resolution to live with steadfast purpose and joy.

My movements are a labor of love, a life of my own design.

Thank you for taking the time to support my blog.  Wishing you a harmonious and pleasant day!

Cheers! ❤

xo, G


2 thoughts on “A Labor of Love

  1. Reading your blog brings me much joy and strength!!! I wish I could feel this way more often and for longer periods of time. You are absolutely the most positive person I know, bravo well done I MISS YOU!!!
    I should go take a walk now…Don’t you think but as sensuous as that blog was maybe a cold shower would be more in line, HeHe!!! Sorry the Sailor just slips out sometimes.
    Love Us,


  2. G,

    You truly are an amazing writer, as I sit here watching you blog I see nothing but my future with you and the love we share. Without you to encourage me with your words I would be stuck in an imaginary mindset of limitations. You are my soul mate, and for that I will always thank you!

    And Bob… Go and get walking mister!!

    Love you guys!



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