Nature’s Bronzer: Discover Your Inner Naturalista!

Hello friends, happy Friday!!

I hope this post finds you well and in rhythm with your intentions and aspirations for today!

Yesterday morning I took my first exam for Biochemistry 2, and it well went!  I got a B!

B for Balanced.  B for Badass. 🙂

As a treat to myself, I promised myself that the rest of my day would be school work-free.  So, I headed straight to the gym for a sweaty lifting session.  Then, I attended to an item on my back-burner: DIY, all natural bronzer!  I recycled an old Bare Minerals bronzer sifter container!

Allow me to share, my new and improved bronzer with the following pronounceable, cruelty free, natural ingredients (free of endocrine disrupting chemicals):

Gigi’s naturalista Bronzer:

  • Unprocessed Dutch cocoa powder for the dark brown tones
  • Cinnamon for the lighter/medium brown tones
  • Nutmeg for the lighter tan tones
  • Powdered sugar (some use corn starch, but I have not tried corn starch) to lighten the blend

For the ingredients, organic products are ideal.  Still, any cinnamon is better than Maybelline’s controversial beauty cocktail!  Likewise, any cocoa powder (unprocessed or not) is better than the standard synthetic bronzer, sorry Loreal! #notsorry

Here are the quick and dirty DIY directions, TWO easy steps!

    1.  In a bowl (or you can pick whatever suits your fancy),  mix any combination of the ingredients according to your skin tone and how dark you would like to make your bronzer.  Note: Test on yourself!  Darken or lighten your blend as desired.
    2. Transfer onto bronzer sifter (or any small container with a lid).  Note:  If you use a small container, tap the brush on the edge to remove excess powder from the brush.                                                        

Smile to maximize use of your sun-kissed look, 🙂

that’s all folks, enjoy!

xo, Gigi 

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