ED to ND Expansion: Diverse Topics On the Horizon 

Happy Wednesday friends!

I hope this message finds you harmonized in the midst of your day!  Sharing a quick post to share some developing updates of future directions for my blog.   As a blogger, I am really interested to explore new, uncharted territory and share with you all, including:

Financial Fitness

  • The basics: What does financial fitness mean?
  • How to start your journey to financial peace…
  • Balanced/peaceful frugalista versus stressed/overwhelmed frugalista…
  • How to avoid being a stressed frugalista, so you can enjoy the fruits of life (without compromising your savvy thriftiness!)…

Eating Disorders: Identification & Strategic Support

  • How to identify red flags in someone struggling with an eating disorder…
  • How to provide support to someone battling an eating disorder….
  • What to say & not say to someone struggling with an eating disorder…

Making the Choice to Heal

  • How to make the decision to start your wellness journey…
  • How to seek support to drive your success…
  • How to navigate when wellness support is not received from family and/or friends…

Medical School Resources

  • Sharing free science study resources (need to figure out the blog logistics and formatting)…
  • Resources shared will be mostly biochemistry notes, but I will incorporate other subject matter…
  • Hoping to help anyone seeking help or academic support in the medical science subjects….
  • Stay tuned for Gigi’s Medical Toolbox!

Josh’s Cooking Corner

  • My fiance, Joshua, is an incredible cook.  His dishes are incredibly nutrient dense and delicious.
  • His dishes are so incredibly tasty, affordable and simple; I am so excited to share!
  • Stay tuned for delicious and nourishing recipes–warrior wellness style! ❤

I am super interested to hear to any ideas or suggestions for topics of interest.  I will continue to share my medical school experiences and wellness journey with you all.

Please feel free to leave a comment below! You can also connect with me via social media by clicking the social media icons on the side toolbar.  Thank you for your love and support–I LOVE hearing from you! 🙂

Cheers to opening new doors & embarking on exciting adventures. The future is bright!

To your evolving success,

xo, G


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