The Illusion of Time: Part 2

Happy Wednesday friends! 🙂

A few weeks back, I watched a fascinating episode called “The Origin of Time,” Season 5, Episode 10 of the “Through The Wormhole” series.  I watched in awe and curiosity in this elusive constant.

Likewise, I reflected on what time means: on a personal level, a cultural level, and most amazingly, on an astrophysics & quantum physics level.

I pose my question again: What does time mean to you?  Does it feel like it is elusive, always outside of your control?  Does your time reservoir seem to be dwindling down or just out of your reach?  What does it mean to lose touch with time when you enter subconsciousness during sleep?

Culturally, Americans operate on a constant notion that time is money and there is never enough time, which leaves most people living in a perpetual mindFULL state, rather than mindful.  We get anxious about the future and we tend to mentally relive the past more times than we’d like to admit.

Globally, we operate on 24 time zones, based on our orientation to the sun and space.  Roman, Egyptian, Islamic, Gregorian, Julian calendars have existed to explain such an elusive concept–time.

Today, it is the 15th century in Saudi Arabia, while it is 58th century in Israel.  But when did time begin?  Did it begin at the birth of universe? Or did our cosmic calendar start ticking after?  How can we truly measure time?  And what does time even mean?

Among astrophysicists, there are various theories and perspectives regarding time as a concept, its origin, its measurable definition.  Astrophysicists debate and question the existence of time.

Through Einstein’s concept of space time, many physicists believe time is fundamental and flows forward, smoothly and eternally.  Time is a measure of entropy (or disorder) in the universe.

Some astrophyscists believe time does not flow at all, and it pops into existence, every fraction of a second.  Others believe time is dependent on the presence of light (≈3.00×108 m/s) via the electromagnetic disturbances.

Other physicists believe time is dependent on heat, which by definition, makes an event irreversible via thermodynamics.  Beyond Isaac Newton’s classical system, thermal time is considered to extend from quantum physics.  Thermal time postulates that physical time flow does not exist, nor operate on a fundamental level.  Rather, thermal time is a macroscopic feature of thermodynamical origin–heat.

I am fascinated by the elusive nature of time.

Among global time zones, cultural interpretations, and dedicated astrophysicists, there is no clear consensus of time.

From my perspective, there is some common ground:  

  1. Time is measured via variable methods and interpretations.
  2. Time is valuable, even on a basic level.  When people pass away, their lives are measured from the recorded time of their first breath to their very last breath. 

From my perspective, time is directly related to our life experiences.  Without life, we, as living, breathing humans, have no time to physically experience.

So, my last questions to you… Is your own illusion of time aligned with what you want out of your life?  What meaning will you assign to your own illusion of time?

Thank you for sharing your time with me, reading my blog.  I would love to hear from you!

In light and love,

Gigi ❤

“What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” –Dr. Robert Schuller


2 thoughts on “The Illusion of Time: Part 2

  1. I am sorry for not responding to this post when I first read it. It has taken more readings to understand it and form a responce, here goes. Well that did not work!!! This morning right after I typed “here goes” I was distracted and just now, late afternoon, I’m back.
    To answer your question about time I will first have to learn how to manage it better. When I retired my time went from being a continuious string of controlled activities and moments to uncontrolled desires for happiness but not having the disciple to stay focused as to how to succeed. As for my diffinition of time I feel we (human beings) have been put here on earth to share our time helping each other. As far as my lifes purpose goes I am hoping to have brought as much understanding, happiness, and love to all I have crossed paths with in my life thus far. This brings me joy and purpose.

    Bob H

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