Live without limits, break the red tape!

Happy 2016, my friends!

Quick update: I recently recorded my first podcast episode with On Air With Ella, listen here!

Welcome New Years resolutions of 2016.  I must say, this year, I have a slightly different perspective on resolutions.

When I worked as a wellness coach, I encouraged my clients: go back to the basics, simplify their goals, and slowly transform through sustainable baby steps, to see the shades of grey.

As I walk my journey into naturopathic medicine, I see a critical key variable, often overlooked, to solve the New Year’s Resolution equation.

Allow me to explain—

Often New Year Resolutioners are so focused on their grand goals and intentions for the New Year, which is wonderful.  There is so much power in setting intentions and a creating a vision for something to come to fruition.

BUT, wait… 

  • What are YOUR barriers and obstacles to health?
  • What stops YOU from achieving sustainable lifestyle changes?
  • What relationships, belief systems, daily practices hinder your goals?
  • What thoughts are self-limiting and,
    • What are the consequences of your self-limiting thoughts?
  • What belief systems and lifestyle patterns do not serve you?
    • Why hold onto belief systems that do not serve you?

We all have goals that we want to achieve, that have yet to come to fruition.

We often think of what we want to achieve.  Yet, we overlook, and sometimes ignore, what stops us from walking to our greatest aspirations.

What stops you from achieving your greatest aspirations?  

Ah, therein lies the magic of transformation.  

When we identify barriers, then we can start to truly transform, from the inside out, into the individual we aspire to be.  Truth be told, identifying in itself can be quite the challenge. Easier said than done.

Generally, it is more pleasant to envision grand aspirations, even it is an idealistic and unsustainable game plan.

For many, it is quite painful to reflect and identify pieces of their lives that do not serve them— whether it be relationships, belief systems, painful memories.

Many agree that it feels comfortable and “safe” to avoid to acknowledging and conquering: their own issues, negative thought/behavior dynamics.  It feels “safer” to ignore what holds us back, even if addressing the problems are essential to accomplish once-in-a-lifetime goals.

Many New Year Resolutioners prefer set a highly idealistic goal with a “perfect plan,” rather than rolling up their sleeves and cleaning out the skeletons in their closet.  

Often, the idealistic plan is laced with black and white thinking, where shades of grey do not exist.  This perfectionistic approach leaves no wiggle room for transformative learning and healing.  And so, old patterns return with a full vengeance.

Before you start a diet or sign a gym contract—

Before you invest in fancy kitchen products or workout gear and other gadgets—

I ask you to consider yourself, at face value.  Break out of your comfort zone. 

Today, I encourage you to roll up your sleeves and work on YOU.  Foster the courage to examine your own dusty closets.  Identify the baggage that weighs you down from achieving your goals—that burden is not for you to carry.  Let it go. 

Locate the supports you need for your own healing.  Life organically transforms as we heal and release.  Look within and the rest will fall into place.

You are strong.  You are beautiful.  You are protected.  You are safe.

Cheering on your greatest vitality in 2016 and beyond,

Gigi ❤

PS. Interested to hear your thoughts, questions, comments.  Please comment below! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Live without limits, break the red tape!

  1. Gigi Hello, I am sorry about taking so long to get back about this post.
    WOW…I just finished listening to your interview with Ella. I am speechless!!! Not only do I think that Ella has her shot together(you know what I wanted to say), but you are following right in her footsteps. I cannot express enought how much your talents amaze me. I hope I will be around for a few more decades to see the contributions your going to make this a better world for all of use to live in….please take me along!!!

    Josh. hang on tight . This will be what we call in the Navy , ” A mission critical assignment” By supporting each other you all will be the team to aspire to catch up too!!!

    Miss yous guys,
    Bob Hill

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bob! Thank you for your unwavering support and keeping up with my blog. 🙂 Your words are so sweet and energizing! It warms my heart to know that my journey has supported others along their own journeys.

    Yes, Ella is fantastic! Keep listening to her episodes and you will be getting a great deal for the 40 min to an hour listening to her entertaining and informative episodes.

    You are always welcome to join the ride for the long haul! 🙂



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