Day 1: Our Juice Journey into Deliciousness

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is Day 1 of Team Pendlebury’s 6 day juice cleanse via Jesse James Body Wellness.  Through Josh’s own holistic healing, he met Jesse and his talented, life-changing work.

Christmas Day 2015:

Joshua and I are surrounded by family, laughter, and tons of sugary, processed, and not-so-micronutrient-rich foods.  We are back home for the holidays and out of our element.

As we bounced from home to home like gypsies, we were at the mercy of our hosts and the potluck-style feasts.  Within a couple of days, we were feeling the “bleh” feeling from the holiday food.

Eager to rejuvenate our micronutrient intake, Joshua proposed embarking on a 6 day pure juice cleanse, together.  Pleasantly surprised, I said yes!

So, here we are, Day 1.  So far, so good!

Below: 3 days worth of juice, beautifully color-coded and numerically labeled.  Josh wrote a helpful reference notecard. Thank you Joshua! 🙂

Left: Joshua Right: Gigi 


My wellness journey shifted Joshua’s journey and his state of dis-ease. My walk triggered his walk–his newfound vitality, contentment, inner peace, unlocking deeper layers of health.

A change of behavior begins with a change in heart.  As we change our hearts, we can shift ours minds to live the life of our own design.

When did you define yourself?  I mean, really? How many years ago did you define what you could and couldn’t do in your life?  We have adapted to be a certain way so we don’t fail or so people will like us or respect, but it’s not really who we are…

Tony Robbins 


Think about that question for a moment. What is your answer to Tony Robbin’s question?

When did you define what you could and couldn’t do?  When did you become “too old” for an activity or experience?  What defined the chronological boundary that denotes something is “too late” to experience?  When did you define what your health should look like?  When did you define your own meaning and vision of health? 

Our bodies have an innate ability to self-heal, to restore itself, if we simply remove the barriers to health.  It is a beautifully divine process.

Today, Josh’s initiative, proactive ideas, and grand visions inspire and enrich our life experiences.  As we build our collective life vision, we weave our future with love and mindful intention.

We walk together.  We grow together.  We learn together.  We forgive together. One step at a time.

What can you do today, right now?  Think sustainable, doable, baby steps. You can always scale back or build up. What can you do, today?

Cheers to 2016, make it your best yet!


❤ Gigi

PS: Joshua, you are my muse, my inspiration, and driving motivation.  This blog was born out of your encouragement and enthusiasm.  Your support has helped build a platform of my greatest aspirations. I am so grateful to walk this journey we call life, together, hand in hand. God bless you and keep you always. 


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Our Juice Journey into Deliciousness

  1. Hi, it’s me again. I am thrilled by the love and support you have for each other…it gives my heart joy!!!
    How did the Juice Cleanes go? My thought about it is whoa, I’m having flashbacks to a certain test my Doctor recently had me endure…yuk, fortunately everything came out alright (sorry, the Sailor in me coming out).
    Getting back to more adult comment, Gigi your words bring me comfort, peace, and great satisfaction knowing there are younger individuals in this world . My generation has not done a very good job of making this a better world. I feel if we can clone you my Golden Years will be better.
    Please, Please, Please don’t stop going on this journey!!!

    Hug Josh, Lady, and Maggie. (not necessarily in that order) for me,
    Miss You,
    Bob Hill

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, Bob! Thank you for your sweet and motivating words. Your kindness always brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart!

    I salute you, Sailor. 🙂

    Keep walking,



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