The Healing Power of Reflection & Rides

Happy February, friends!

I recently celebrated my one year blog anniversary!  When the celebratory email arrived in my inbox, I took a few minutes to sit and reflect on the transformation that has taken place.

As I continue to reflect on my journey, I would like to share a few updates in non-chronological order.  Allow me to share!

  1. I rode my first Party on a Bike in Arizona, and I have been hooked ever since!  This dynamic workout in such an energizing and positive environment has led to much personal, professional, academic, and spiritual growth.  It is so much more than a workout!
  2. Fiance and I completed our first juice cleanse of 2016.  The cleanse energized us, spiritually and nutritionally.  We have entered a new and exciting chapter in our wellness journey.  Lots of healing!
  3. I met Cindy McCain and connected with John McCain’s campaign staff over our mutual interest to support veterans!
  4. I volunteered at the yearly AZ StandDown to help homeless veterans in the community.  I created a team – “Victory for Vets” 🙂
  5. I tried my first serving of kefir!  A delicious way to get quality probiotics to support my guts.  I mix with chia seeds, which are detoxifying and great for the body.  A delicious treat!
  6. Fiancee and I have been experimenting with a lot of yummy and nutrient-rich whole foods.  We are officially foodies!

Ready for a celebratory ride with my good friend and classmate!


Take some time to reflect with yourself and your intentions.  How is 2016 unfolding for you?

Remember you can change your momentum, at any moment.

To your success,



One thought on “The Healing Power of Reflection & Rides

  1. One year, that’s hard to fathom. You are an absolutely wonderful person for sharing your thoughts and inspiration with us..THAN YOU!!!!!!!
    Bob Hill

    P.S. You Ride Girl!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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