Fiancé Friendship

Happy Saturday, beautiful friends!

I would like to devote this writing space to my special fiancé and best friend of 11 years (and counting)!

Simply put – I love my fiancé! ❤

Together, we share a deep, profound love: the kind of love that stirs up every possible emotion, the kind of love that is electric, passionate, and beautiful. He and I have been through so much together.  Our journey continues onward, every single day.

  • We grow together.
  • We continue to let go of what does not serve our health and happiness.
    •  Things, people, places, belief systems, dynamics.  If it doesn’t serve us, we collectively let it go and move on to something that is aligned with our vision for our lives.
  • We encourage each other.
  • We inspire each other.
  • We strengthen each other.
  • We forgive each other.

He sacrifices amazing efforts to work a full time management position.  He also works a part time position in adaptive recreation, enhancing the quality of life for youth with disabilities. He  challenges himself in leadership roles that will serve his career aspirations, while providing much-needed financial stability during these lean medical school years.

FullSizeRender-1.jpgHe revived our beloved pup Lady when she entered anaphylactic shock at a remote lake from multiple bee stings. He had to acted quickly on his feet to revive her, as he administered life-saving compressions with one hand as he used his other hand to drive and use his phone to call for emergency care and operate his GPS.

With powerful prayer and emergency compressions, he was able to revive Lady from being limp, lifeless in his hands to her sitting upright on his lap.  By the time he arrived to the emergency hospital, she was sitting upright on his lap, with increased consciousness.  He’s literally a life-saver, a true hero! 

He drove as quickly as he could to the nearest emergency hospital, 25 minutes away. He maneuvered acting fast, with the odds against him.  I had to stay behind with a family member as we were with two kayaks, and we could not load one sedan with both kayaks.  When my fiancé dashed, I was frozen with fear and paralyzed with panic.

I was in complete awe of him. I was stunned by how he could act so quickly and courageously.  I was amazed by his ability to make brave decisions, with swift thinking and fast feet.

In the eleven years I’ve loved my fiancé, Lady’s life-threatening emergency was the first time that I saw him as a Marine, more than anything else.  I saw his Marine Combat training come to life, right before my eyes. He will always be an infantryman at heart, ready to act in emergency situations with quick clarity and rationality.  

I could see his well-trained Marine instincts, it continues to run through his veins.  

He is my hero, my why, my best friend, my soulmate. He encouraged to me create my own blog, amplify my voice, and shine my message to the world. I am forever grateful for his everlasting love and genuine friendship.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.  I salute you, Marine! OOH-RAH! 

Semper fidelis,

A proud fiancé



8 thoughts on “Fiancé Friendship

  1. Gigi, Josh, this post brought tears to my eyes for both fear and pride. Josh you were a hero with me for your Service to our country prior to this well handled incident…OUTSTANDING ACTIONS with Superior Results!!! Bravo Zulu, is an under statement to you.
    Gigi, you have a true trophy catch there and I am overwhelmingly happy for both of you’al!!!
    Love and Missing,
    Bob Hill

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    • Thank you so much Bob! Josh saved Lady’s life and I am forever grateful. Daylan was with us for the week & it was his last full day with us. When Josh sprinted away with Lady, Daylan was able help stabilize the situation. Josh called another friend who drove to the lake so we could get it back home. Daylan loaded my car and drove back us back to my home. He remained stable and calm. He truly rose to the occasion when we needed him most. My heart was broken in pieces with panic, confusion and intense fear… (At the time, we didn’t know she had been stung multiple times.). Thank you for you sweet, supportive words!

      We miss you tremendously!

      Sending you love & light,



  2. Well, never a dull moment with you two! I always felt safe while Josh lived with me. Now I have to rely on Gina! Ho, ho, I’m in trouble!!! Can’t wait til the wedding! Rest up! The big day is coming! Love, Grandma Helene


  3. Hey EVERYONE!

    Thank you for all the love and support! You all have had such a strong impact on my growth as a man and I appreciate all the experiences I have had through it all! I can only be and do as good as anyone around me 🙂 and yet I will always continue to strive to do better and be better than most!

    Again thank you for all your love and support, I love you all!



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