Supercharge Your Life: 5 Steps to Start Your Health Revolution

Happy Friday, friends!

I am officially a married woman!  It has been a special life season.  Recently, people have praised my personal transformation and have asked me how I lost weight. Essentially, I pursued healing the root cause of chronic health issues.  My weight loss was nothing more than a byproduct of my healing journey.

Humbled and appreciative by people’s kind words and inquisitive nature, I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to create a blog post for others who are seeking to transform their health status.

To preface my tips, I would like to note that my physical transformation happened organically and naturally, as the body heals itself, holistically.  Truth be told, I put more energy into transforming my mindset and belief systems.

I do not count calories or restrict food.  My diet consists of mainly fruits and vegetables.   I do not purchase food that is inflammatory in nature: bread, dairy, gluten, wheat.  If I eat any of those products, it is not derived from my kitchen or part of my daily diet.

I use physician-grade supplementation, therapeutic probiotics.  I rarely drink alcohol or coffee on a yearly basis.  I drink mainly water and fresh juices/smoothies.  I drink tea occasionally.  I sleep no less than 7 hours per night, my sleep is sacred.  I try my best to engage in activities that are spiritually and mentally fulfilling, this blog included.

Most importantly, I work with a naturopathic physician to guide my healing journey.  

I use the verb “work” because my health, healing, happiness is MY work, MY responsibility. 

That being said, I am going to share my top 5 tips to start your health revolution. Let’s go! 🙂

     1. COMMIT to yourself.

Truth be told, the hardest part is getting started.  For some people, this is a huge obstacle.  If committing to self-care is a huge barrier, address those issues.  Once you commit to your wellness and healing, the path will begin to form.   Figuring out the game plan and first steps are much easier when you are committed to your wellness journey.

     2. ADDRESS the root cause of your dis-ease.

Since the start of my program, I worked closely with various naturopathic physicians.   I have also worked with an amazing holistic nutritionist, Kirstin Carey.  

You can find more information on Kirstin and her healing programs here.  Through Kirstin, I learned that I am gluten-sensitive and dairy-sensitive, among other important key details about my health.  It has been a collaborative journey of ups and downs, with trials and errors, and some tears along the way.

You can find a naturopathic physician in your area by visiting the American Association of Naturopathic Physician’s site here.

If you are in the American Southwest region, you can begin your health journey at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine by clicking here.

    3.  TRUST yourself, you have all the answers! 

Once I started naturopathic medical school, I pursued a curriculum option that would allow me to take extra time to graduate, by 1 year.  I intuitively chose this option with some intention setting.  I have since been able to pour into my cup and pursue my professional aspirations.  I firmly believe that my health is the most important facet of my academic and life success.

How can I perform well in school if my health is not well?  More importantly, if I don’t walk the walk, how can I teach others to become well and take care of themselves?  How can I teach others to take care of themselves, if I don’t live by the same philosophies?

Choosing a longer curriculum was a no-brainer for me.  At the end of the day, I listened to my intuitive heart.  I regret nothing.  In fact, I am deeply grateful that I had the opportunity to boost my health.

All in all, TRUST yourself.  Listen to your intuition and tune out the noise of others’ opinions.   This is YOUR journey, YOUR life.

   4. BARGAIN with yourself: visualize the shades of gray.   

Change is NOT black and white! When trying something that is new, I tell myself, that if I don’t enjoy it or like it, I don’t have to keep it as a permanent part of my life.

With this flexible and experimental mindset, I tried Party on a Bike at a local spin studio called The Madison.  As a result, I have been hooked on the workouts and I have introduced this amazing workout to dozens of people.  I have tried Crossfit, Zumba, and various other exercises and group exercise classes.  I am always open to try a new workout. 🙂

What better way to discover what works, by sampling all the wonderful ways you can move your body?

Food is medicine; I have experimented with different nutritional philosophies, including vegan, paleo, raw vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, yeast-free, eating for my blood type, etc.  I am learning more and more along the way.

Telling myself “it doesn’t hurt to try” has allowed me to venture outside of my comfort zone.  Thus far, I have been more pleasantly surprised and I have met amazing people along the way!

    5. HAVE FUN!

Step #4 transitions nicely into my last tip – have fun! This may sound overly obvious, but I think the mark is missed, especially for the New Year’s Resolutioners.

Side note: I love New Year’s resolutions; I see New Year’s resolutions as intention setting for the year.  More than focusing on behaviors, I focus on mindsets I want to adopt to my life or things that no longer serve me.  So far, so good!

Engaging in anything that is not fun or genuinely enjoyed (food, exercise, other lifestyle modifications) is NOT a sustainable practice.

Lifestyle changes can become permanent and intuitive when the modifications are FUN and ENJOYABLE, whatever that means for you!  🙂

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tip toe if you must, but take the step.”

What’s holding you back?  Let’s walk together. Start your health revolution!  

Sneak peek into my fridge… 


wellness revolution

To your wellness,

Gigi ❤




3 thoughts on “Supercharge Your Life: 5 Steps to Start Your Health Revolution

  1. Great blog! I must be one of the proudest husbands in the world to have found such a bright and ambitious spouse. You teach me new things everyday and we make one another whole. Let’s continue to walk this journey of wellness!



  2. Hello Gigi, you look great! First off, CONGRATULATIONS on getting married. My wishes are for you and Josh to share a fun, exciting, successfully filling life together. May happiness and love be bountiful in your marriage!!!
    This latest blog is wonderful and oh so helpful to those of us that could use a boot in the tush to get started taking care of their lives. When you mention baby steps, I’am still learning to rollover and crawl. Thank you for sharing and being the wonderful person you are…your inspiration is life changing and pressious to those of us recieving it. I applaud your courage, compassion and strength. Please, don’t ever forget you are loved by many!!!
    Your Friend, Love,
    Bob Hill


  3. Congratulations and wishing you all the best., you lucky guy!!! You have now begun one of life’s more rewarding, challenging, and exciting journeys. Hang on and enjoy the ride!!!
    Your Friend,,
    Bob Hill


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